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Happy thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day! Even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving, I hope you all have a really great day!
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Confusion and happiness were your two emotions at the moment as you stared at the face of a teenage boy, who claimed to be your son. Morgan did sound like the name you would choose, and he did resemble you, and your partner Frederick. He had the exact same dark brown hair as Frederick and he had your eyes.

You watched as Morgan fidgeted, "Um...Mother..? Why are you staring like that..?" He asked.

You shook your head. "No reason...Stay right here, I'll be right back." You grabbed Frederick's arm, who was standing next to you staring at your supposed child, and you dragged him out of earshot of Morgan.

"How do we know he's not some imposter spy claiming to be our child?"

"Frederick, we can't assume something like that right away and not give him a chance! I know you work hard to keep all of the shepherds safe, but...All of the others have children coming back from the future, how come it can't be the same for us? Everything about that boy resembles us. Let's give him a chance, okay Hun?" You grabbed your husbands hands and smiled up to him.

Frederick looked at your pleading face and gave a sign of defeat. "I suppose, we can treat him like our own until we find out the truth of everything."

"Thank you. Now, I'm gonna go speak with him." You got up on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek before going back to Morgan, who's face lit up the moment he seen you were coming back.

You left a flustered Frederick behind with a hand on his cheek, where your soft lips were only moments ago. "P-please, that is very unprofessional behavior on the battlefield!"

Your only response to him was a giggle, then you took Morgan's hand and started walking and talking with him.

That night, once all of the tents around your makeshift camp sight were sat up, everyone was sitting around the campfire either eating, talking, resting, or simply sitting in front of the warm fire. As for you, you were sitting next to Morgan, with Frederick on the other side of you.

"You know, I really wish I could remember more about you, father." Morgan leaned forwards to look at his father. "I'm sure in the future you had taught me a lot of things, and I'm sure there's lots of great memories we've shared. The thought of having lost them all..." Morgan looked down to the ground, "Well, it makes me sad. What if I don't get them back? I've lost an entire lifetime of memories..."

"Do not think of it that way, Morgan. If you don't get your memories back, think of it as a chance to experience everything again. To make new memories. You still have a whole lifetime ahead of you. You'll have a lot of time to create new memories, and remember old ones." Frederick said to his son. It not only brought a smile to Morgan's face, but your own as well.

"Thank you father! That makes me feel much better! I'm sure with the help of you and mother, I'll have my memories back in no time at all!" Morgan was once again cheerful, which warmed your heart. You'd only known the boy for a short time, but seeing him sad already felt unnatural to you.

"Morgan, you've had a hard day. Why don't you turn in and get some rest? Tomorrow is your first day as a shepherd, you're going to need to be well rested and ready to face the day." You looked to your exhausted son, who nodded his head.

"You're right! I don't wanna be tardy and tired on my first day! Goodnight mother." He gave you a hug which you returned happily. "Goodnight father!" Morgan released you from the embrace and captured his father in one, who slightly and awkwardly returned it. It wasn't a full embrace, but it was at least something. "Sleep well, both of you!" Morgan chimed as he jogged to his tent.

"I'm so proud of you Frederick. You're treating him so nicely, it warms my heart." You leaned on your husband with a big smile on your face.

"Yes, well I thought about it. If he is our son, then I should treat him as nice as possible, even though it is all still very strange to me."

"Oh, I know it is. It's all weird to me. But...I'm happy. He's a nice boy. I doubt he'd hurt a bug. I feel bad for including him in the fighting, but every able body is needed for this war. We can't turn down a fighter, no matter what." You have out a sigh, pulling some grass from the ground and pulling it into small bits, then once again returning it to the ground.

"He'll do fine, darling. We just need to keep an eye on him. If he's our child, he'll pull through." Frederick's words actually did bring you comfort. You smiled, then stood up.

"I think I'll turn in too. Goodnight." You gave him a peck on the lips then took off to the tent you both shared.

The next day started early, just as every day did. You dragged yourself out of bed, brushed through your messy, tangled hair then you changed into fresh clean clothes, and lastly, you put on your signature tactician coat. When you decided you looked presentable, you left the tent with a yawn. You waved and said good morning to everyone you passed as you looked around the group for Morgan. When he couldn't be found, a frown tugged your lips. You turned to see Frederick walking by, a load of packed supplies in his arms.

"Frederick, I can't find Morgan. Mind helping me look?" You asked, jogging towards your beloved.

"Of course. Let me put away these bags and I can help." You followed along beside him as he went to his horse and strapped the bags to it. He gave it a quick pat on the side, then he followed you as you quickly looked for the teen.

After five minutes of being unable to find him, you got worried and panicked.

"What if he got kidnapped? Lost? What if it was a risen sneak attack, and he's their hostage now?! My baby, a hostage for the undea-" Two hands for firmly placed on each of your shoulders and you looked up to see Frederick looking down to you.

"Dear, let's not assume the worst. You checked everywhere, right? His tent? The medical tent? The food tent?"

"...Heheh, I might have possibly forgotten to check his tent..." You laughed sheepishly as your husband sighed loudly.

"Let's check there then, shall we?" You nodded your head and followed Frederick to Morgan's tent.

You quickly ran inside of the tent once you got close enough, and sure enough, your son was sitting there, holding onto his head.

"Oh Morgan! There you are!" You pulled him into an embrace, causing hi to flinch.

"Oh, hello mother!" He chirped, hugging you back.

"What are you doing still in your tent? We'll be moving out very soon." Frederick informed his son as he poked his head into the tent.

"I'm sorry! I just...I think I was about to get a memory back, so I focused on it. I focused a little too hard though, because now I have a bit of a headache..But I promise I'm still ready to fight!" He quickly added, not wanting to let anyone down on his first day.

"Don't try too hard honey. I did that, and gave myself one of the worst headaches I've ever had. Don't push yourself." You said as you pushed his hair out of his face.

"Thanks for the advice, mother! I'll remember it!" Morgan said as he stood up. "I'm gonna get ready to head out, see you both!" Morgan left the tent, and you came out of it.

"He's a lot like you, (Name). I'm even more convinced he's our child." Frederick said, crossing his arms.

"Yeah, I'm sure he's our baby. I'm not gonna lie, I'm starting to feel old!" You joked, and giggled.

"Oh, don't worry. We aren't old yet. It's just started for us." Frederick gave you a smile, and took off to pack once again.

A smile graced your face at his words, and you stood there for a moment, thinking about them. And they were true. It had all just started. You still had a long, wonderful life ahead full of great things.
Frederick x Reader ~ Ours?
So, a while ago, Emma-Rosse suggested I write something for Freddy bear. After months of procrastination, I finally finished it! <3 I hope you enjoyed!
Happy Halloween all! Today was a great day for me, I got lots of candy! Seen awesome costumes as well! I hope everyone had a great day!
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"Candy, candy, candy!" Pit chanted loudly, like he had been doing nearly all day. "Cand-" The angel was cut off from a slap on the back of his head from his dark twin.

"Enough, idiot! You've been doing that all day! It's seriously annoying!" He growled, sending his twin an annoyed look.

"Heh...Sorry." Pit rubbed the back of his with a sheepish grin.

"Come on, there's no need for hitting." You said as you walked by them, putting up some decorations.

"Apparently, words don't work because I've been telling him to shut up all day!" Dark Pit replied, crossing his arms.

You signed, turning to them both. "Dark Pit, no hitting." You said then turned to Pit, "Pit, that's actually pretty annoying so stop it, okay?"

"Understood, I'll stop!" Pit smiled.

"Good. Now, I'm going back to decorating. No fighting okay guys?"

"Okay!" Pit chirped, being as bubbly as ever.

You looked to Dark Pit now, who had his arms crossed.

When he noticed you looking at him with a stern look, he sighed.

"Fine, okay I won't fight with him." He grumbled, but you smiled and went back to working. Sometimes you swore you were more of a babysitter to these people than a person who cleans for them.

"Hey (Name)! What are you gonna be for the party?" Link asked, jogging up to you.

"Hey Link. I'm not sure, I might not dress up. I don't have a good costume picked out or anything." You simply shrugged and went back to decorations, putting up those fake spider webs, adding the fake little spiders afterwards.

"Aw, you gotta dress up! I've talked nearly everyone into dressing up, even Marth! And trust me, that took a while..."

You laughed a bit at that, "I'll think it about it, alright?"

"If you need any ideas, I could help, y'know." He smiled to you.

"Thanks, but I've already got an idea of what I might be." You looked to your Hylian friend with a smile.

"Okay! Can't wait to see what you're gonna be!" Link jogged off once again, to work on his own costume.

You put up the rest of the decorations that were left in the big box you had lugged around all day, then you took off, to get supplies for your costume.

You came home around an hour later with a couple of bags in your hands, and inside of them contained the supplies for your costume. But, they weren't only for you. You knew one other person who would probably enjoy dressing up like you...

You walked up the stairs, looking for a certain someone who had already said they weren't gonna dress up, but you were sure you could change their mind. As you walked through the hallways, you seen Dark Pit going to enter his room, so you ran towards him, shoved him in his room after he opened his door and you followed him inside.

"Gah! (Name), what are you doing?!" He looked to you with a slight glare.

"I have a surprise! Now, I know you said you didn't want to dress up, but you might change your mind after seeing what I picked up!" You went over to his bed and dumped the Halloween stuff you had bought all over it. And it all consisted of fake blood, and make-up to make scars and cuts, and the like.

"I thought maybe if I bought stuff to make you look like a bloody gruesome mess you'd be more interested!" You chimed, grabbing the bottle of fake blood and waving it back and forth. "Interested?"

Dark Pit examined everything on the bed, then the fake blood in your hand. "Depends. Could you actually make me an awesome bloody mess?" He questioned, crossing his arms.

"I'll make it as gruesome as possible." You grinned.

"Fine. But, if I don't like how it looks, I'm gonna wash it off." He replied and sat down on the bed.

"Trust me, I don't disappoint." You started opening up the make-up, grinning a bit.

"Hey, try to make it gruesome enough to scare Pit." Dark Pit added when you started with the make-up.

"Got it." You replied with a small nod, mostly focusing on your work.

The party finally started, mostly since the younger smashers (including Pit) wouldn't stop pestering the older smashers about candy.

Link searched through the crowd for you, frowning when he wasn't able to find you. His costume was simple, he was dressed up in his Fierce Deity outfit. When he failed to find you, he walked over to Marth, who was dressed up as a proper looking prince. Basically, he was in his white outfit, but Peach made him look more royal.

"Hey, Marth have you seen (Name)?" He asked, looking to the prince.

"No I haven't. I'm sure (Name's) just working on their costume." Marth shrugged a bit.

"Maybe...I wonder what it is...Oh, I can't wait to see it! It better be awesome!" He grinned.

"I'm sure it will be." Marth nodded a bit, knowing that you could probably make a cool costume. You were probably the most creative one here.

"Is it done?" Dark Pit asked impatiently, trying not to fidget around.

"Almoooost..." You trailed off, adding the finishing touches to make him as bloody as possible. "And done!"

Dark Pit stood up and stretched a bit, then looked in the mirror on the wall.

"Whoa, it doesn't look half bad! I can honestly say I didn't expect something this awesome!" He stared in awe at his own reflection. "I look gruesome, it's awesome!"

"I told you that I don't disappoint!" You smiled proudly, then picked up some of the make-up and went to the mirror and started putting it on yourself.

"Heh, everyone else is being all cutesy and we're being horrific messes, what you're supposed to look like on Halloween. They need to get it right." Dark Pit grinned.

"You sir, have a great Halloween spirit." You said as you applied the fake blood to your own face. Of course you weren't going to look nearly as bloody and cool as Dark Pit, but you could still make yourself look great.

"I get to look awesome and eat candy while doing it..I think Halloween is my new favorite holiday!" Dark pit exclaimed as he sat on his bed, waiting for you to finish your make-up.

You laughed at that, "Halloween seems like a good holiday for you. It matches you." You said as you started closing up all of the make-up since yours was finished. "Alright dude come on, let's go downstairs!" You said, walking to the door, Dark Pit right behind you.

"Do you think it'll scare Pit?" Dark Pit asked.

"Hm, probably. Sneak up on him and he'll probably scream." You grinned, looking down to the dark angel.

"Good idea." He said, crossing his arms with a devilish smirk.

You both entered the party, except Dark Pit was sneaking around, looking for Pit. A smile made it way to your face when you heard Pit scream, and it wasn't a very manly one either.

You seen Palutena, who was dressed up as a witch, trying to scold Dark Pit who was just laughing, while Pit hid behind Palutena with wide eyes, probably from being scared.

Link walked up to you now, "Oh man your face! It's awesome!"

"Thanks. But, to be honest, I did a lot better job on Dark Pit's face." You said, pointing Dark Pit, who was taking candy from Pit's bag and eating it, and Pit didn't even notice.

Link laughed, "Cool! Next year I'm totally having you paint my face like that!"

"I'd love to. And remember, I never disappoint!" You grinned, then walked off to get some candy before the little ones (or, once again, Pit) ate it all.

The party ended at nearly midnight, and as you walked to your room you passed by Dark Pit, who had a bag nearly overflowing with candy.

"How much of that is Pit's?" You asked as you opened your door.

"Hm.." He stopped for a moment and took the lollipop he was sucking on out of his mouth, "I'd say, nearly half of it." He replied, slipping the lollipop into his mouth once again.

You laughed at that, stepping into your room. Right as you were about to close the door, you heard Dark Pit quickly start running, and moments later Pit ran by.

"Give it back Pittoo!" He yelled.

"Never! And don't call me that, Pit stain!"
Dark Pit x Reader Halloween!
Dark Pit is by far one of my favorite newcomers, so he gets to be the star of this story! Fake blood is the best part of Halloween, to be honest! c: Happy Halloween!!
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Oh wow I actually did it XD
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Happy thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day! Even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving, I hope you all have a really great day!
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