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June 16, 2013
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You were upstairs in your room, drawing a picture for your father. It was Father's day, and since you were only five, you had to draw him a picture. It was a picture of you and him, and it said 'I love you Daddy!' on it. You really hoped he would like it! You walked out of your room, and looked both ways and when you didn't see your father you walked to his office. You peeked inside of it, and he wasn't in it. You walked in, opening his desk and grabbing an envelope and you stuffed the piece of paper inside of it. You licked it, then closed it. You climbed into his chair and grabbed one of his pens and wrote his name on it, then jumped out of his chair and ran downstairs. He was sitting on the couch watching some movie and you snuck into the kitchen and put it on the table. You went into the living room and climbed up on the couch and into his lap.

"Hi Daddy!" You smiled.

"Oh, hey (Name)! I was just about to go looking for you!" He gave you a hug while smiling.

You wrapped your little arms around him the best you could, returning the hug. "I was just in my room coloring."

"What were you drawing?" He asked and looked down at you.

"Something for someone very special!"

"Who is that special someone? Do you have a boyfriend?" He joked, laying you down on the couch and started tickling you.

"N-no! I don't!" You said, giggling, "S-stop it Daddy!" He laughed, and stopped tickling you.

"So, who is the card for?" He asked, smiling brightly.

"You'll have to find it to know who it is for!"

"Oh, I have to find it do I? That'll be easy!" He stood up, walking upstairs. You followed behind him, laughing a little.

He walked into your room and started looking around, "Is it in here?"

"I can't tell you!"

"Can you give me hints?" He looked over to you.

"Uh...Yes! It's in this house!"

He laughed, "I know that (Name). But give me another hint, like is it in this room? Is it under something?"

"It's not in this room." You said, crossing your little arms.

He walked out of your room and walked to his office. He looked on his desk, in all of he drawers, under his desk and in his chair but he didn't see a piece of paper.

"Another hint?" He asked, frowning a little.

"It isn't in this room either and it's on top of something."

He nodded, "It should be a little easier now then." He walked out of the office and when you left the room he closed the door then went to the bathroom. He looked on the sink, on the toilet and in the bathtub in case you put it in there.

"Another hint, (Name)?"

"Sure. It's on a table."

"That really narrows in down!" He smiled, and walked to his room. He looked on his night table, his desk that was in his room, the table in his room and the dresser.

"Another hint?"

"It's downstairs!"

"Let's go look down there then!" He smiled and picked you up and ran downstairs. He looked on the coffee table, though he would have seen you put it there, but he wanted to make sure. He looked at all of the tables downstairs, and sighed. He walked to the kitchen and sat at the table, frowning. He saw an envelope sitting on the table. It had his name on it, so he picked it up and opened it.

It was a card, with you and him on it. It said 'I love you Daddy!' on it, making him smile. He opened it and read what was on the inside of it and it brought tears to his eyes.

'Daddy, I love you. I couldn't live without you. Really I couldn't you are the one who feeds me. You are my Hero and you will always be the bestest Daddy in the whole entire galaxy!'

Most of the words were not spelled right, but he would still understand them. He stood up, and turned around and saw you standing there, smiling brightly. You had his smile.

He went over to you then dropped to his knees and hugged you.

You hugged back. You noticed the tears, and frowned, "Are you sad that I didn't buy anything for you?"

"No, I'm happy (Name)! This is the best gift you could have given me! I love it, but there's one thing I love more than this card."

"What's that...? A car? A hamburger?"

"No silly. You!" He pulled away, smiling at you. You smiled back and wiped his tears.

"Happy Father's Day, Daddy! And I love you too!"
I wanted to do a little thing for Father's Day! I love writing stories with Alfie in them! >W< I love Alfie! I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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